Klaus Nürnberger

BSc (Agric econ), Dr theol, DTh, DD hc

Selected Papers

On contemporary relevance:
An experiential approach to theology
On enculturation of the gospel:
Ancestor veneration and the 'real presence' of Christ:
The new atheism
Dawkins' God Delusion - prophecy or fallacy?
On biblical interpretation:
Evolutionary Hermeneutics
Sexual behaviour, secrecy and the HIV pandemic
On abortion and capital punishment:
When is killing justified?
The looming economic-ecological crisis
Cooperation between science and faith has become urgent

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A full version of the book:
Informed by Science - Involved by Christ
How science can update, enrich and empower
the Christian faith

A full version of the book:
Speaking in the Name of God: A Manual for preachers
An on-the-job lay-training and self-enhancement course.

Where economic trends are taking us

(A free slide presentation in pdf format)

Faith and the looming economic-ecological disaster